The Morning I Found Out - I'm HAVING A BABY!

Literally, the Best. Day. Ever.

Well, if this isn’t one of the most exciting posts I’ve ever written!! What a wonderful, wonderful topic to write about today. I cannot get over it. As I sit here trying to organize my thoughts, I struggle to think about where to begin. I believe I’ll start with the actual day we found out and I’ll create another post with all of the details leading up to this moment. I woke up the morning of July 19th perfectly fine, not a pregnancy symptom in sight. I had a ‘fancy’ pregnancy test in the bathroom drawer I was saving for the day I KNEW it would be positive. Many times before I had seen ‘Negative’ pop up and I honestly could not bare the thought of seeing it again. I remember thinking, “Ok, you’re period is late but it’s always ‘late’ because it really has no schedule so maybe you’re not late at all and maybe this is just another month (11 to be exact) that you’ll get your hopes up for nothing. So no, you’re not taking that test Hannah. It’s going to be negative.” Yeah, so my thoughts went a little something like that, I never took the test out of the box and I went on to work like usual. I got to work about 8:15am and couldn’t shake the thought of possibly being pregnant this time. Could I be? Maybe it isn’t so crazy? I sat at my desk opening emails as if I was working, but my mind was running through all the reasons why I should test and just know the truth so I’d feel better. OK, FINE.. new plan! I decided to call the nurses office (luckily we have one in the office building and it’s super easy to get into on short notice). So, I’m sitting in my cubical and she asks me the reason for the appointment. Well, if you know anything about cubical life about 20+ people can hear anything you say while you’re sitting in your cubicle so I panicked and said, “Can you see the reason why I came in last time?” Hoping it was on her screen that I had been in about 3 months ago to take another ‘ease my mind’ pregnancy test and she said, “Yes, I see what you’re saying. Can you come now?” Well, obviously I wanted to, but I knew I had just pee’d (TMI sorry!) before I left the house and if it was going to be accurate then I needed to wait a little longer. They booked me for a 10:30 am appointment. I head down to the office at 10:25 am, get checked in, and head back to the patient room. At this point, I kinda had the ‘I’m over it’ attitude. I was already sad because I just knew I wasn’t, here I was going to be embarrassed to think I was pregnant again in front of the same nurses and NP, they would tell me it was negative and I’d be on my way back to my desk in 10 minutes tops. They gave me the cup to pee in and off I went to the restroom. Once I made my way back to the patient room I had a little tiny glimpse of hope. I thought to myself, if that door opens and she comes back soon, I know it will be positive. Last time I was here I waited what seemed like FOREVER for the results and it just made it worse. I know it’s best to give it plenty of time to show the little pink lines, but it’s just hard to be patient when you’re waiting on a life changing result. So, to distract myself, I got on Pinterest and started looking at things my husband and I could build for our Chocolate Lab, Ruger. I barely had enough time to send Ryan a cute little under-the-stairs dog house I found when the door opened.

The Nurse Practitioner looked at me and said, “Well, I have some VERY exciting news. YOU ARE PREGNANT!!!!!”

…. cue the biggest crocodile tears, ugly cry you’ve ever seen and me asking her at least three times if she was serious!! I put my hands to my face and just melted in the chair. I have never in my life been so happy, surprised, shocked... At this point the NP is also crying, because she knew how bad we wanted this and that we had been trying for awhile. I took a look at the two tests she placed on the counter and it was a VERY obvious POSITIVE. Those two pink lines were bold. Once I got it together.. well, sorta got it together, she placed the tests in a little bag and gave them to me to keep. At this point, I’m trying to figure out what to do next. All this time I had been looking forward to this day, but I never planned for the next steps. I couldn’t wait to tell Ryan, but I knew I couldn’t just text him. I HAD to see his face! I called my OBGYN, made my first Ultrasound appointment and she guessed I’d be about 8 .5 - 9 weeks when we came in for the first appointment. (There’s a little plot twist on this detail in another post!) After taking a little break outside and mulling over what just happened, I went back to my desk and watched the clock from about 11:00 am to 4:45 pm. After that news, it became the slowest. day. ever. Since this was so long, I’ll write a new post on what happens next and how I told Ryan!

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