Pregnancy Week 19 - It's Time For Another Ultrasound & Finding Out The Gender!

Let's just say in 'Pregnancy Years' it's been foreverrrr since we saw our little nugget. I am #freakingout about our appointment on Wednesday! We will see how much the baby has grown and find out the GENDER (for sure this time!). *Does Happy Dance Around The House*

So, as a reminder, the last time we saw our little one it was at the August 27th appointment when I was 12 Weeks and 3 Days. This time I'll be 19 Weeks and 4 Days! We had one appointment between those two where we heard the babies heartbeat for a moment, but that was it. I am so grateful for how well everything has gone so far and although I love to see my baby, I am feeling very fortunate we've had a good report and haven't needed any additional scans.


We haven't started working on the nursery yet. Although my Pinterest board is overflowing with ideas. We even decided we'd try to tackle remodelling 75% of the basement (which is a complete wreck right now) because it will be the perfect hangout area for our little family. Plus, I am going to be 'That Mom' that has to have everything put up when people come over. If it's all in the basement, it will be out of sight and out of mind! The other good news is I am dyinggg to buy a new sectional couch for our living room. If we finish the basement, we can move our current couch down there and buy a new, cozy sectional upstairs. Sounds like a Win all around to me! #MyPoorHusband

People keep asking if I prefer a boy or girl. I can honestly say do not have a preference. I know being the girly girl I am, people might think I desire a girl, but a boy is just as awesome. I think about how the baby will interact with my husband more than anything. I picture them riding in the truck with the windows down, eating late night ice cream, and of course snuggling. We keep telling our dog, Ruger, the best is yet to come because we know our child will slip all of the food it does not want to eat to the dog. Ruger will graciously welcome any additional food. Whatever God wants us to have will be absolutely perfect.

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