12 Weeks Pregnant - 1st Prenatal Appointment

Today marks 12 weeks and 3 days for our little nugget. We woke up bright and early this morning to head to our 1st prenatal appointment. This was an action packed appointment day. It started with a consult visit with a nurse to go over all of the in’s and out’s to being pregnant, foods to eat/avoid, medical history, and a blood pressure check. Although I was a little freaked out when she checked my blood pressure and for the first time in my life it was high, I tried to remain calm and avoid getting too shook up by it. It might sound crazy, but I just wanted to walk in and out of these appointments today with good vibes only. She ended up checking my BP again before we left the room and it was down to a normal state.

However, I was very dehydrated this morning and could feel it so I loaded up on water and went to my next stop.. blood work. Yay. I’ve never liked having my blood drawn. I’m sure no one does, but it makes me very uneasy. I had a wonderful nurse who did a great job distracting me by talking about our dogs while she filled up 5 small valves. Done with stop 2! We arrived at the office at 8 am and it was about 9:15 at this point. We knew the ultrasound was next so we are very excited and praying for good news on the screening for down syndrome.

As soon as they called our name for the ultra sound, I almost melted in the chair. It’s only been ~3 weeks since I saw my baby, but DANG! it feels like forever. I lay down on the table and she starts to tell me about the appointment and that she might be able to see the sex of the baby. Here’s a good time for me to mention something Ryan taught me about myself. I always said I liked surprises and I LOVE to be surprised but the truth is.. I hate it. I get so anxious and I just NEED to know. So, let’s just say that after we waited a year to get pregnant and 12 weeks to see little nugget, if she can tell what this baby is.. I want to know right then. Sorry for anyone that wants a gender reveal party, but I can’t put myself through the waiting.

Ryan and I sat there and stared at the screen as she moved around my belly getting nugget into sight. It was so funny because at first it was laying with it’s back to us so all we could see was a blob and the spine. She worked and worked to get a better view, but nugget was being difficult! All of a sudden we see it’s arms and hands fly around as if it was waving at us and it started to roll over. Again, I melted. She pointed out the hands, feet, legs, and arms. We saw it bouncing around like it was having a good ole’ time in there. She was also able to let us hear the heart beat. It was 171. Last time it was 180.

Although we could tell she was taking measurements behind the neck, we really didn’t know what we were watching her do. All I wanted was to hear her say everything looked good. Luckily after a few minutes of capturing images she stopped and said, “From what I can see, everything looks good! We have to wait for the blood test results to come back in ~14 days, but from what I can see baby looks great!” Ok, for today.. I’ll take it! We have come to terms with the idea that after each appointment we will be able to “relax” a little bit is totally false. I’m realizing in some way or form, I’ll be worried about this little one for the rest of my life. Is it healthy? is it happy? is is getting everything it needs from me? It’s not going to end. What a beautiful journey this is going to be. This little thing called life is a blessing.

Towards the end of the appointment, she slowed down and started to look for a sign of whether it was a boy or girl. Soon after she paused and open her mouth to explain what she was seeing, we all knew what we were looking at and it was definitely a _____!!

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