11 Weeks Pregnant - Day 73

Pregnancy is moving right along! It's hard to believe we are already 11 Weeks.

I woke up an hour earlier than usual today because you know what? A week from today I get to see my baby again and I was TOO excited to sleep. This might sound a little dramatic to some, but when you only get to see your baby a couple times before it’s born via Ultrasounds, those days are really something to look forward to.

One thing that is constantly on my mind about this appointment is really the true reason for it. We decided to opt in for the screening for Down Syndrome. If you’re not familiar with this testing process, here’s a little run down. There’s a short period of time between the 9-13 weeks of pregnancy when two tests can be performed to see if any abnormalities are present. One of the most well known being Down Syndrome. This test consists of an Ultrasound scan and a blood test. It’s a safe test for the mother and baby, but very scary none-the-less. Some insurances pay for the testing, some do not. Ryan and I decided we’d like to move forward with the testing without even knowing whether our insurance would cover it. It is important to us to know as much as we can before the baby is born so we can prepare.

Until then, I am praying we have a healthy little nugget. What happens now is in God’s hands and we can only hope we will receive the best news possible. I’ve been following all the pregnancy ‘guidelines’, eating the healthiest food I can get my hands on, and taking my Prenatal Vitamins everyday.

I still cannot get over how active our little one was during the first ultrasound. Nugget was wiggling around and moving it’s arms and legs like it was swimming or something! It just melted mine and Ryan’s hearts. It also INSTANTLY made me want like 10 children. OK, maybe only 3 but STILL! It was one of the sweetest, emotional experiences, ever!! So, I’d like to focus on getting to see my active, little baby a week from today (August 27th, 2019) and try not to worry or create stress over the testing process and results.

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