Meet Hannah

Photographer | Videographer | Digital Strategist | Graphic Designer

Fascinated with creating a narrative with light, composition, and texture.

Hannah Morris is a freelance commercial and editorial photographer, videographer, and jewelry boutique owner. After receiving her Bachelors of Science in Marketing and Masters in Graphic Design, she dedicated herself to storytelling through the medium of photography. While wedding photography is her speciality, she is also passionate about lifestyle, and brand photography.

Executing photo shoots from conceptualization and art direction to final imagery, Hannah does not stop there.  She is also an experienced stylist with a unique eye for building a scene. Her background in marketing has led to work that is quality and industry leading for her many clients. This dedication to the whole process has led to many exciting clients and being published in Triad Wedding Magazine.  

Perfectly situated in Winston-Salem, NC,  Hannah operates out of her newly renovated farmhouse. With plenty of open space for diverse photography the property is the perfect fit for both hosting clients and completing work remotely.  

Her process is capturing the client’s envisioned hero image first, and then quickly expounding on it through exploration of light and perspective. The result is a full library of images in beautiful vignettes perfect for telling the story of your brand in many avenues, especially the ever-important world of social media. 

Thank you for taking the time to learn a little bit about Hannah, her style and process. Stay connected!